I’ve been a trusted Maui family photographer since 2012. My photographic style combines clean looking portraits with soulful, moment-driven candids — resulting in photos that truly stand the test of time.

My passion is to create heirloom worthy family portraits that will be passed down for generations! 

I'm a true local Maui girl, born and raised on this beautiful island! You can trust me to guide us on an adventure to find the best lighting and stunning paradise locations.

I love Maui and all the beauty it has to offer! I can't wait to hear about the vision you have for your Maui family portrait session.

Meet My Family
Maui Family Photographer

Photos by Kristy Copperfield

Photographer on Maui

Family is very important to me! I feel so incredibly lucky to have 4 healthy children.

We love to travel, hike, build sand castles, surf, paddle board & chase the sunset.

Maui Family Photography

Mila Hi'ilei

Our newest family member is one-year-old. She's our rainbow baby and has brought our family so much joy! It has been heartwarming to watch the kids and their bond grow together. Mila is constantly winning us over with her contagious smiles and giggles as she tolerates the biggest hugs & kisses from the little AND big people in our family!

Best Photo Spots on Maui

Ariella Lucia

My highly sociable and talkative six-year-old has a heart of gold! She's such a snuggly, kind, helpful & thoughtful sweetheart. It has been such a joy to watch Ariella as she buds in to a beautiful little girl she is.

She loves to dance to her own beat, sing, scooter & tell funny stories all while talking our ears off. Haha!

Maui Family Photographer

Zayden William

My eleven-year-old son is very athletic! Zayden was my first love. Having him at such a young age, he has been there for my greatest joys & biggest mistakes. He has a very sweet humble heart. We are always surprised that he is good at most things he tries- even for the very first time! Skateboarding is his current favorite hobby. Oh, and backflipping on cement!

Maui Photographer

Cannon Hekili

Our oldest is my thirteen-year-old step son. He is a kind hearted young man that loves to swim at the beach, hang out with his friends, jump on the trampoline, skateboard and play video games. Cannon is a very gentle & sweet young man. He loves to help out and is easy going. Our family is so lucky to have him as our oldest child.

Maui Couples Photographer

Photo by Angela Nelson

Maui Wedding Photographer

Photo by Mariah Milan

I can't forget the biggest one of our bunch- my hardworking and loving husband, Lihau. He makes sure everything in our life running smooth and consistent.

He also happens to be the most amazingly prepared & best packer around. We are sure to have everything we could possibly want for camping trips & beach days. 

All while being a playful and active father. Oh... and he's good at house work too!

How did I get so lucky?!

Why Did you Choose to Become a Photographer?

For as long as I can remember, photos have held a special place in my heart and as a child I loved taking pictures with my parents film camera.

But it wasn't until my best friend since grade school passed away that I realized how important photos really were to me.

Unfortunately, we had very few pictures together, even though we were best friends. Now that she is gone, there is no getting those moments back.

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